Blurb: I took a feat in dual-wielding blogs

If you don’t get the subject line’s reference, that’s fine. More power to you for being far less nerdy than I am. In any case, what I meant to say is that my work will no longer solely be appearing on this blog. As of this morning, I’m also writing posts on UN Dispatch.

My first post, on last night’s GOP debate and the importance of what wasn’t said, can be found here. Huge thanks go to Mark Goldberg, the editor, for asking me to write for them. Further thanks also go out to Allie Carter, for convincing me to start writing in the first place, and Ben Rosner, for staying on my case in the early days and making sure I didn’t give up. Fear not, I will continue to write here, as I have full editorial control here, and certain idiosyncracies, like this post’s title are a better fit for this format. So yes. Be sure to read me over there, too.


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