Hayes Brown is 26 year-old graduate of the James Madison College of Public Policy at Michigan State University, living and working in Washington, DC. When not serving as a government employee looking for a new full-time job working as a National Security Reporter/Blogger at ThinkProgress, he spends an inordinate amount of time reading and writing on international affairs, with a special focus on the workings of the UN, particularly the Security Council. His writing can also be found at UN Dispatch and Gunpowder & Lead, and at times on Foreign Policy. Anything written on this blog or published at UN Dispatch or G&L are his own thoughts and do not reflect the views or policies of the Center for American Progress.

Less formally, this blog started as a way to prove to myself that I could actually focus enough to start putting my myriad thoughts on foreign affairs down in actual words aside from various tweets. Well, I’ve done that, and so here I am, writing whenever I can. Feel free to disagree with me. Lord knows I do from time to time after going back and re-pondering.  I can be reached at hayes DOT c DOT brown AT gmail DOT com. For a more drawn out version of my initial navel-gazing that launched this blog, see my first post.


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